Pre-Need Arrangements

Pre-arranging a funeral with Becker Funeral Homes provides you the opportunity to consider the available options, apply your personal preferences and make your own decisions without the pressures and grief of an "at-need" situation.

The pre-arrangement can be as basic as compiling information and thoughts for future reference, to reviewing every detail and making all decisions and payments.

The decisions can be made with or without involvement and input of your family, and in most cases, changes can be made at any time.

Additionally, pre-arrangement can save money by pre-paying for our services and other items at today's cost. This means that prices for services and merchandise purchased directly from Becker Funeral Homes are frozen and will not increase.

And your investment is safe. Becker Funeral Homes places your pre-paid funds into an insurance policy or trust fund, according to Ohio law. Either financial instrument can be transferred to another funeral home should some unforeseen event happen to our firm or you move to a distant location.